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Location: Associated Humane Societies

Description: Queen – Take a look at this beauty! Queen, a 4 year old Blue Brindle Cane Corso Mastiff was found as a stray. Many amazing people tried to find their owners, but it seems it was not to be. So our Queen is now looking for a new castle! She is beautiful, friendly, affectionate and loyal. Mastiff enthusiasts will absolutely fall in love with Queen. King – Regal, majestic, incredibly handsome. Just a few words to describe King, a 2 year old Cane Corso Mastiff, who came into the shelter as a stray. Now Kind is looking for a special home befitting his regal status. King is also sweet, friendly, a bit silly and well mannered. He walks well on leash, knows sit, takes treats gently and adores getting attention, especially some butt rubs. You can tell he appreciates it by the full body wiggle you get in return. King will be a wonderful addition to a home that has experience and a love of big dog breeds! Tangerine – Tangerine is a young creamsickle with a wise look to her. She is a polydactyl which makes her even cuter than he is. She is not a large cat, but can use some fattening up to bring out the sleekness in her red coat. Tangerine is very friendly, and quiet and mellow. She seems happy just to be with her human friends. Maybe you can come meet her to see just how sweet and friendly she can be. Associated Humane Societies Hours: Monday-Friday, 12 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Saturday & Sunday, 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. Location: Associated Humane Societies 2960 Shafto Road, Tinton Falls, NJ 07753

Armageddon and the Asbury Park Comicon


Location: Convention Hall

Description: “It’s like Armageddon!” I said. “Where did you learn that word?” dad said. “A comic-book,” I gleefully shouted “Guess you can learn something from them,” he replied – betraying the prevailing prejudice of his generation, thanks to Frederic Wertham. It wasn’t, of course, Armageddon. I recall that it was a traffic jam on the way to the mall. But, if you were a kid who read comics any everyday occurrence was nothing less than an imminent opportunity to leap over tall buildings in a single bound…or at least parked K- cars on the way to Sears. When I was a kid, I always had my nose in a comic-book. I read them morning, noon and night. At school, I sketched my favorite characters on my text book covers – and earned my first fees as an artist. I discovered that if you used a soft-leaded pencil on a thin sheet of paper you could create an image that when licked became a tattoo. Before long, I was creating tattoos for half the class and began a lucrative trade in Flair pens, Sharpies and the occasional dollars for my artistic ability. I hope enough time has passed to indemnify myself against any potential lead poisoning lawsuits; I collected quite a stash of pens during the 5th and 6th grades. Unfortunately, I soon abandoned comics for books. Word balloons were replaced by long-form narrative, but I was still partial to novels with cool cover art. My stash of comics was moved from room to attic and eventually to the basement. And, it was quite a stash. During my years of four-color infatuation I relentlessly searched for Golden and Silver age comics, as the periods of the 1940s – 50s and 1960s to early 70s are generally referred to as, at yard sales, flea markets and used book stores over several states (or wherever family outing I was obligated to be a part of before turning 16 years-old). I believe I had a good eye for the true collectible issues and knew enough to overlook the dross. And when I read not so long ago that a mint condition The Incredible Hulk #181 became the first Silver Age comic to cross the $100,000 threshold at auction, my teenage years were instantly validated. Because that very same issue holds pride of place in the Asbury Pulp office. The Incredible Hulk #181 fetched $150,000 at auction because it introduced one of the all-time iconic comic characters – Wolverine, who later went on to X-Men fame in their re-constituted team and, of course, a series of films where he is portrayed by Hugh Jackman in the most serendipitous bit of casting since the Hungarian Bela Lugosi portrayed the Transylvanian Count Dracula. The co-creator of Wolverine and the penciller of this valuable bit of pulp?Hulk 181-page2 Herb Trimpe, who will appearing at the Asbury Park Comicon on Saturday, March 30 at Convention Hall. Along with an all-star team of comic book characters from as far back as Marvel’s Golden Age to today’s graphic novel nouveau reads. Is there a better place to hold a comic-book convention? Last week we learned that Convention Hall faces nothing less than Armageddon; closure because boardwalk redeveloper Madison Marquette hasn’t spent the needed dough to keep the place up to the necessary fire code standards. Asbury Park’s own mythic Fortress of Decrepitude under assault from the evil forces of avarice and greed! The Asbury Park Comicon is happening at just the right time, then. A swarm of avenging super-heroes are ready to descend on the building and feature it on a glossy front cover. It doesn’t get much better than the Asbury Park Comicon. It’s a homegrown event that has gown by those aforementioned leaps and bounds since its initial inception at Asbury Lanes. You can read all about it back then – just last spring and fall 2012! – here with what we wrote at the time. Yet, next Saturday’s Asbury Park Comicon bears little resemblance to the previous two, except maybe in spirit. The Asbury Park Comicon that happens on Saturday, March 30 is an astonishing tale of heroic hubris. It’s amazing line-up of guest stars and panel events moves the Asbury Park Comicon into … well, The Incredible Hulk #181 territory. It’s that good, and the only real way to get a handle on this spectacular event is to turn the pages of their website and marvel at the alternate universe you are being invited to enter. You can do that here, thanks to some World Wide Web-slinging, and also get a sneak peek courtesy of the vid below. We’ll be there, of course, on the 30th. But not with our The Incredible Hulk #181. Wouldn’t want to take the chance that Madison Marquette would snatch it from our hot little hands to help pay for a new sprinkler system or some such nonsense. Asbury Pulp will hang on to #181 until the last can of cat food has been consumed long after Armageddon has enveloped the Earth…after the heavens have opened up and Asgarth’s dark gods have descended on our planet…after Krypton has imploded…after…

British Invasion


Location: McLoone's Supper Club, 1200 Ocean Avenue, Asbury Park

Description: British Invasion at McLoone's Supper Club from 8:00pm – 10:30pm Admission $10



Location: McLoone's Asbury Grille, 1200 Ocean Avenue, Asbury Park

Description: KenHe at McLoone's Asbury Grille from 7pm – 9pm



Location: Double Tree by Hilton, 700 Hope Road, Tinton Falls

FREE: Door Buster Blow Out For Local Charity!

On Saturday, March 30th at the DoubleTree Hilton Hotel from 11:30am till 3:00pm.

Please help us help, Hometown Heroes help, "displaced families" who have been impacted, devastated, and uprooted by Hurricane Sandy.

Come one "COME ALL" with a $25 gift card (or cash) at the door to the incredible Sterling Ballroom.

One person with a gift card (or cash) allows 10 family members or friends to enjoy incredible signature appetizers from:

1) Carrabba's Italian Grill
1864 Highway 35
Middletown, NJ 7748
Attn: Jerilyn Rembisz GM / Beth
Phone: (732) 615-9061

2) Applebee's
2301 State Route 66,
Ocean, NJ 07712
Attn: Antonio Rivera - General Manager
(732) 922 1300

3) T.G.I. Friday’s
180 State Route 35
Eatontown, NJ 07724
Attn: JP - General Manager
(732) 542 2441
4) Olive Garden
230 Route 35
Eatontown, NJ 07724
Attn: Vicki Casilla – General Manager
Ast.GM. Patrick Kelly
(732) 389-4585

5) Domino's Pizza
115 State Route 35
Eatontown, NJ 07724
Attn: Nick Amato
(732) 389-2300

7) Red Lobster
2200 State Route 35
Oakhurst, NJ 07755
Attn: Mr. Michael Peterson / Mr. Mike Cyprych
(732) 493-2404

8) Starbucks Coffee
2100 State Route 35
Oakhurst, NJ 07755
Attn: Ashley General Manager
(732) 493-8770
(250 Cups of Starbucks Coffee)

9) Chick-fil-A
180 St Hwy 35 Monmouth Mall
Eatontown, NJ 07724
Contact: Jeff Bassett (Owner)
(732) 542 -2243

10) Gourmet Petite Cupcakes for All Occasions!!!
Phone: 732-580-4596

Lets Be A Blessing Who Need Our Help And Give Back...ALL YOU CAN EAT for you and 10 people! Plus....


Hurry on down to the DoubleTree Hilton Hotel…we have 250 FREE "double quilted" ladies gifts bags donated by Jackson & Jersey Shore Premium Outlets (on a first come first serve basis) that have over $197.00 in amazing value.


$31,299.00 in Door Busting Door prizes and FREE giveaways from 42+ businesses from Monmouth and Ocean County!

Again, come one, come ALL!


Live entertainment by the Fred Astaire Dance Team of Manasquan.


Amazing, Awesome Fun From Tots to 12 Provided For By The Little Gym of Manasquan.


Amazing Appearance from Michael Jackson Expressions Dance Team…You'll be memorized to see MJ do the moon walk right before your eyes with Billy Jean.

Or, "I'm starting with the Man In the Mirror"

Questions ??? … Call (732) 720 7292 … and ask for the "BIG Kahuna" who is standing by for your call right NOW (24/7)!

Spa Treatments Benefits Hurricane Sandy Victims


Location: 1806 Hwy 35, Ste 106, Oakhurst, NJ

Receive an incredibly relaxing spa treatment anytime during the entire month of March at the Radiance Medical Spa in Oakhurst, NJ (a $125.00 value) limited to the first 250 who call during March Madness.

Simply donate a $25 to $50 gift-card to benefit those who have been impacted by super storm Sandy. You'll automatically be included in our "grand prize" drawing to win a valuable door prize at our March Madness celebration on Saturday, March 30th at 12:00 noon. This event will be catered by some of the BEST restaurants in our area who'll be showcasing amazing food, and deserts. Plus, the Chick-fil-A "Cow" will be there too!
Book your appointment right NOW by calling (732) 552-0956. Or visit to find out how you can have flawless, silky smooth skin starting today!


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