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Protection & Cleansing for Home and Office

3:00 - 5:00 p

Location: 417 Euclid Ave., Loch Arbour 07711

Description: Protection & Cleansing for Home and Office

Ever wonder what’s below or above your space.
You clear and yet, it just doesn’t feel right.
You might even feel heaviness or disconnected.
Some Healers actually bury the negative energy they remove from their patients, not to mention, all those who had been living or existing in this space before you!

The energy above our space can be a collection of all sorts of stuff coming from you, electronics, visitors and the list go on & on.

In this workshop you will learn & clear your space.

Sunday March 29th, 2020
3:00 ~ 5:00p, Investment $40.00
Space is limited to 12
*If you have a pendulum, please bring it

Member: Yoga With Love

Contact: claudine fenniman

Phone: 848-777-2942


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