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Summer Solstice Cacao Ceremony


Location: 417 Euclid Ave., Loch Arbour 07711

Description: Friday June 21st 6:30 - 8:30 PM $35

"Join in ceremony to honor your inner spiritual flame during the peak potency of the summer solstice.

We will honor our inner flame by tapping into our creative potential and inner wisdom through the guidance of cacao. Sacred Cacao is medicine for the heart. The pressed cacao, which comes from the cacao bean, is prepared by a shaman in Guatemala. Cacao unlocks our creative potential & divine connection- complete heart and soul harmony with Source. This ceremony will bring you to a place of deep relaxation and grounding so that you may uncover your true place of balance within.
*Please bring your favorite mug and any sacred items that feel important to you for ceremony such as feathers, crystals, etc. "
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